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About DDC


We are a professional design and construction company based in Harare, Zimbabwe

Meet The Team

Distinct Designs and Constructions is a young and vibrant practice that has pure creative energy in the design of Banks, retail outlets, office blocks,lodges, private and public housing schemes. The Practice believes in producing designs, which are modern, highly functional and aesthetic, offering comfort, quality and prestige while at the same time, affordable. This it does through the incorporation of appropriate design techniques, specifications and constant cost control starting at the design stage. DDC relies on its desire to excel, hard work and capacity to meet deadline targets a its vehicle to achieve client satisfaction. Its drawing aids include the complete use of Computer Aided Design.
From the preliminary design stage, the client is able to virtually visualize the building in its
“as built form” by use of our sophisticated 3D software. This enables the clients to appreciate their investment.

The small size of the practice allows for a creative one on one relationship in responding to client design needs. Thus the company policy is one of the progression and cultural relevance in design and professional excellence and lastly satisfaction of clients.

“Over the short period of its existence, the practice has had Corporate Organizations, Private developers, Local authorities and NGOs as it clients.”

Nabiot BandaProjects Director
Projects Director

Nabiot Banda

N.Banda as the Projects Director who holds a BscHonors degree in Architecture from NUST and has more than 12 years experience in the Construction industry

N.Bandaas the Projects Director who holds a BscHonors degree in Architecture from NUST and has more than 12 years experience in the Construction industry

Prior to the creation of the practice N.Banda has had extensive experience running Arch Designs office. Some of the landmark projects designed in the office include:
Pick N Pay Shops Nationwide

Forbes Border post Ecobank.

BANC ABC Branches

Numerous Post Offices Refurbishment of Bambanani centre

Senior Architectural Technologist

Gevas Chipangura

A Senior Architectural Technologist with an HND From BelverderTeachers College with more than 5years experience in the construction industry.


Tanaka Muchemwa

Admin Team


Refurbishment Team

Refurbishment Team

Modern Design

It takes great inspiration to come out with a structural design that is timeless, unique and breath taking. We take our time to make sure we have fully understood your requirements before we dive into the work at hand.

You are just a phone call away from getting the best design and a bargain price than you can imagine. Our desire is to create designs that are unique.


Innovate each project with no exceptions.

We treat each project with the awe it deserves and work at it as a unique piece


Always overdeliver to our clients.

We are the unique service provider who walks the extra mile and half.


Build things that inspire people.

Our work always strive to bring out the woow! effect